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Guide marketing spend across all stages of the shopping journey

How Polytab Gets You a Complete View of Marketing

Shopping Journey Analytics

The 21st century consumer shops around and does research online before committing to a purchase. Polytab marketing attribution delivers insights on the consumer path and the time needed to move to the next stage – all through an intuitive, interactive visual display.

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Order Tracker with Embedded Multi-Touch Attribution

Trace orders from acquisition through to purchases across every media touch point. De-couple “direct” visits from the attribution. Download order data at the shopper level from the interface via Order tracker.

Get line of sight on the influencers to every order for every customer from point of acquisition through to purchase and then to repeat visits.


Channel Effectiveness Rating

Marketing channels influence consumer decisions at each stage of the shopping journey. But the true impact can only be measured holistically by factoring in the sequence of touches and the time to purchase. Polytab marketing attribution uses advanced analytical algorithms to get you a rating on the channel’s effectiveness in moving shoppers through the shopping funnel. Look beyond last click, first click, linear clicks. Polytab gives you the complete view of marketing effectiveness.

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Display Marketing Assessment

Polytab integrates with the major display vendors to deliver assessment of display marketing. See the influence of the display impression on the shopper’s path to purchase. Measure the influence of display campaigns for prospecting and reactivating dormant customers.

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Loyalty Analytics

Separate out the impact of marketing on first time shoppers versus repeat shoppers. Measure customer long-term value (LTV). Get ongoing update on your  customers’ RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value) segmentation. Assess the most profitable lead generation sources for your most valuable customers. Polytab’s loyalty analytics suite is built off over 75 years’ cumulative team experience of the Infernotions’ analytical services team.

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“Ninety-nine percent of advertising doesn’t sell much of anything.”

– David Ogilvy  


Get guidance on the bulk of marketing spend that does not link to sales. See what moves your first time shoppers to repeat purchases. Unlike reports from advertising companies or agencies, there is no double dipping on performance metrics. Get the complete picture across all clicks and impressions and non-digital activity. What’s more, it takes less than 3 minutes to set up your website for Polytab’s base package. It’s that easy.

Polytab helps you sell more without blowing up the marketing budget.


Package options

Order trackerBase
Shopper journey visualizationBase
Channel Performance reportBase
Display monetizationAdd-on
Cross device tracking boosterAdd-on
Offline sales attributionAdd-on

Base package pricing

Monthly website traffic volumePricing
Up to 10K views$100/month
10K views to 1M viewsAdd $50/month/100K views over 10K
1M views to 10M viewsAdd $100/month/1M views over 1M
Over 10M viewsContact us for pricing

Add-on Pricing

Display monetization From $450/month. Contact us for details
Cross device tracking boosterContact us for details
Offline sales attributionContact us for details
Ad hoc decision support$125/hr in 4 hour blocks
Download activity stream through RESTful APIFrom $0.10/query. Contact us for details

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Companies of all sizes use Polytab

Before Infernotions we would collect data on clicks and spend but had difficulty linking ad performance to sales. Furthermore, the impact to phone sales was largely unknown. Infernotions shed light on what’s working and how well. Some of this was common knowledge – like the declining returns on increasing Google spend but the Bing opportunity is a big insight for me and I am going to use it in the months to come.

– Alan Young, Director of E-commerce and Marketing, WeGotLites

First Click, Last Click, Linear Click, Time Delay Click, Position Based Click – it’s all bollocks. Polytab stripped away all the noise and showed me the true value of my marketing spend.

– Zachary Belinsky, Vice President,

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